Quench Your Thirst in Camp North End: Your Drink Guide

Charlotte’s a fantastic city if you need a good cocktail, but when you want an experience that’s unique and buzzing with energy – that’s when you head to Camp North End. It’s the perfect spot to find well-crafted drinks alongside a vibrant community you won’t find anywhere else.

Camp North End Drink Highlights

  • Coffee, beer, cocktails, non-alcoholic bevs and everything in between.
  • Unique spots run by passionate locals.
  • It’s about the drinks AND the atmosphere
  • Perfect for exploring solo or hanging with a crew.

Why Drinks at Camp North End Hit Different

We work hard to make this place special, and that extends to the drinks scene, too. Whether you’re obsessed with craft beer, thrive on expertly-made coffee, or just want a craft soda while you wander, Camp North End delivers:

  • Coffee for the Creators: Fuel those big plans with a meticulously crafted espresso drink at Hex Coffee or a perfectly balanced coffee at Wentworth & Fenn. These spots are where serious coffee lovers and those just seeking a cozy chat come together.
  • Brews with a Buzz: Camp North End is a haven for beer enthusiasts. Free Range Bar brings those skyline views and a huge selection of top local brews, while Room Service is constantly pouring something unique and unexpected.
  • Cocktails with a Kick: If your drink order needs some personality, look no further. Black Moth Bars is all about inventive flavors and fresh ingredients. For tiki vibes and a side of kitsch, Canteen will teleport you straight to the tropics.
  • It’s the Full Experience: The atmosphere sets Camp North End apart. Grab a coffee and wander the murals, snag a beer while exploring a market, or catch a local band with a cocktail in hand. This place is about the whole vibe.

The Camp Difference

You could grab a drink anywhere, but at Camp North End, you get more:

  • Supporting Our Community: Most spots here are locally-owned. You’re not just supporting small businesses; you’re becoming part of the fabric of this place and the people invested in making it memorable.
  • Freedom to Explore: With sprawling outdoor spaces and walkable areas, you can sip and stroll. There’s always some new corner to discover or a cozy spot to settle in.
  • Ever-Evolving Excitement: This place is constantly growing, and the drinks scene is no exception. New spots, rotating events, and special tappings mean there’s always a fresh reason to plan your next visit.

Ready to Dive In?

  • Hit Our Website: Get the latest rundown of places to get your fix, upcoming events, and everything happening.
  • Peep the Socials: Stay in the loop on new drink releases, special events, and get a taste of that Camp North End energy before you even arrive.
  • Insider Tip: Weekends are always buzzing, but don’t discount weekday afternoons for a quieter experience and a chance to really chat with the passionate people behind the brews and cocktails.

Sometimes, the best drinks come alongside a place that feels as vibrant and creative as you do. Next time that thirst hits you in Charlotte experience the difference at Camp North End.