Design Sprint Boot Camp

A live virtual training event brought to you by Jake Knapp, Jeff Grant and Wily. November 15-17 November 2021. Tickets can be purchased here:

What You Get:

  • A hands-on workshop facilitated by Jake Knapp, Jeff Grant and the Wily Team.
  • An intimate training with limited tickets to ensure a high-touch, high-value experience.
  • Experience a simulation based on a real Design Sprint throughout the Map / Sketch / Decide phases of the Sprint process.
  • Learn Prototyping and Testing methods, tools and best practices from case studies of real Design Sprints, prototypes and products.
  • Official Design Sprint Certification by Wily, Jake Knapp, and Jeff Grant via signed LinkedIn certificate to add to your education.
  • Get access to Wily’s custom Design Sprint Miro board.
  • Private 30-Minute Post-Bootcamp Coaching Session with Wily to apply what you learned to your context and answer additional questions.