Coming through! A new shop with e-board and e-bike rentals will electrify Camp North End.

Coming through! A new shop with e-board and e-bike rentals will electrify Camp North End.

Rent EBoards is the one-stop shop for personal electronic vehicles such as onewheels, electric skateboards and electric bikes. Camp North End


A new business is rolling into Camp North End this August — literally!

Houston-based Rent EBoards is a one-stop shop for personal electric vehicles, including electric skateboards, electric bikes and onewheels — a one-wheel electric board.

Its 1,000-square-foot Camp North End shop will include a retail area where customers can rent a PEV or buy equipment and accessories and an area dedicated to servicing and customizations.

Location operators Andy Powell and Nick Wolff told CharlotteFive on Friday their favorite pastimes are riding their one-wheel PEVs. “That’s what we do in our free time to relieve the stress, relax and kind of get out of that day-to-day thought that just bogs you down,” Powell said.

Wolff described PEVs as sustainable forms of transportation and opportunities for recreation. “When you jump on a PEV, it truly brings you back to the joy of your childhood riding around the neighborhood with your friends,” Wolff said in a statement.


The company will be moving into Camp North End because of its proximity to Uptown, ample parking and a variety of different food and beverage options. “There isn’t another spot in Charlotte that better embodies the energy and enthusiasm of the PEV community,” Powell said in a statement.


The business partners plan to open Rent EBoards in the second or third week of August. “We are still at the mercy of our supply chain at the moment,” Powell said.

Rent EBoards, operated by Nick Wolff and Andy Powell, is moving into Camp North End in August. Camp North End


Powell is a North Carolina native who got into longboarding while attending NC State. He saw longboarding first as a mode of transportation between classes and later as a way to socialize.

Wolff is originally from New Jersey and now lives in Charlotte. He got into skateboarding in elementary school since most of his friends skateboarded. “We did the short trick boards,” he said. “And there were a lot of skate parks and things like that close to me.” He has an extensive service background in the automotive industry and electrical backing.

The friends were each unhappy with their current jobs and wanted to make a change. They met Jake Cooper, the owner of Rent EBoards, at “The Wheeled Scorcher,” a one-wheel race in Cherokee.

“We shared our vision and he shared his vision and we shared a lot of synergy between both of the ideas,” Powell said.


Location: 1701 N Graham St. STE 114, Charlotte, NC 28206

Neighborhood: Lockwood/Camp North End Instagram: @renteboardscharlotte


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