Camp North End Fitness: Yoga, Outdoor Workouts & More

Think fitness is all about crowded gyms and boring routines? Camp North End begs to differ!  

Our community is passionate about movement, with rooftop yoga classes, sweat sessions in the courtyard, and a shared belief that getting active should be fun.  

Where the Energy Flows

Camp North End proves that getting fit can be a blast! Check out these regular offerings from YVY Wellness Collective:

  • Get Mad: Join the free Mad Miles Run Club every Tuesday at 6:30 PM, which accommodates all ages and paces. Expect a high energy dance on Keswick Avenue party before and after! 
  • Get Your Groove On: Love to move? YVY Urban Cardio Dance combines feel-good music with a workout that’s more like a dance party than a chore. 
  • Bootcamp with a View: Push yourself to the next level with YVY We Got Goals Bootcamp. Led by the dynamic Ray, these sessions turn courtyards into your own personal training ground. 
  • Pilates Power: Strengthen your core and find your center with YVY ShawtyFit Pilates. Kiah’s classes offer a welcoming environment for all fitness levels. 

Remember: Class schedules can change, so always check the Camp North End events calendar for the most up-to-date listings and discover even more ways to get moving!

Fueling Up

Staying active is even more enjoyable when you have delicious ways to nourish your body. Here’s where to refuel at Camp North End:

  • Fresh & Flavorful: Craving something substantial? Explore the diverse food stalls offering salads, wraps, and lighter bites perfect for refueling after a sweat session. 
  • Seasonal Goodness: The North End Farmers Market is your source for locally-sourced produce and healthy snacks. Stock up on fresh fruits and veggies to power your workouts all week long.

Time to Explore! 

Ready to make fitness a fun part of your Camp North End experience? Check our events calendar for class schedules (, lace up your sneakers, and find your perfect fit! 

Explore our restaurants and markets for healthy fuel, and don’t forget to tag us in your pics. 

We love seeing our community thrive!