Narly & Jennifer Garrison

Narly & Jennifer Garrison

Year: 2019
Location: Mount

Nalee Thao, also known as Narly, describes herself as a “creative disruptor and mischief maker.” A mural on the side of MacFly Fresh Printing Co. needed some of that fun and stylish energy, so Thao worked with artist Jennifer Harrison to create this profiled woman with creative energy escaping from her headphones.

As with many projects on the site, this one was born from collaboration: Harrison says Thao tapped her for a team-up “because MacFly requested a Bantu pattern in the background, and my art focus is printmaking and pattern design. I created several concepts to show, and we discussed and chose the one that worked the best from both color and form. Nalee and I had previously worked on other projects together, so were familiar with each other’s styles and working rhythms.”

If you’ve seen Thao’s work previously, you may be surprised to see a lack of text art from the graphic designer. However, she has crafted signage that sits outside of the space, marking MacFly’s screen printing and community services, in her usual dynamic style that recalls vintage advertisements. This piece from Thao and Harrison stands feet away from Brandon Sadler’s piece, painted one year before in 2019.

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