Matt Moore

Matt Moore

Year: 2020
Location: Keswick

The surface of the silo on Camp North End’s Graham Street side wasn’t always so smooth. It took pressure-washing, sandblasting, and double-priming to get the once-rusty tower of metal to a paintable state. It’s difficult to imagine that former life now, as Matt Moore’s elegant, techno-futuristic queen looks toward the city and anchors the massive, isometric mural running alongside the structure behind it.

When asked about the difficulty of painting this curved object, Moore surprises with this tidbit: “The canvas is almost a perfect square.” This simplified the digital drafting stages of the project, and this particular design was actually the first thing he drew on his iPad when he first purchased the digital painting app Procreate nearly two years before then. And while the Graham Street building offers a departure for Moore, the accompanying silo is situated at the center of his practice, informed by comic book sensibilities and a knack for emulating illumination.

The crowned woman is a wink at Charlotte being the Queen City. (And Moore’s own logo carries notes of a crown.) Further, the gaze of the figure looking toward uptown offers a tether between the burgeoning Camp North End project and the city it supports and inhabits.


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