Jen Hill

Jen Hill

Year: 2018
Location: Crossroads

Jen Hill brings her splattered hues to three stacked shipping containers, which now serve as one of the site’s most prominent markers. The massive project, with its stenciled CAMP NORTH END text and logo, was documented by videographer Matthew Spivey. His images from Hill’s project give us a peek into how she pulled it off: The process saw Hill using both a mechanical sprayer and the manual swinging of buckets and brushes to accomplish the “controlled chaos” of the final sign.

She crafted the three-dimensional container murals shortly before her Polaroid-inspired garage door in 2019. In a post, she said that “as an artist, I couldn’t ask for a better community” and that’s what continues to drive her work. Hill can often be found in the studio shared with Matt Hooker and Matt Moore, and all three created some of the first murals to appear at Camp North End.

You’ll find a similar approach to color in the two other murals she has here: that Polaroid door and the Foxy Brown-inspired painting in the Boileryard. She’s said that generally, her work is generally pulled “towards my aesthetic versus trying to convey any specific message” and is “meant to be beautiful, bright and bold.” Since being erected, the containers embody Camp North End’s tendency to give new life to familiar and practical structures.

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