Jen Hill

Jen Hill

Year: 2019
Location: Boileryard

Jen Hill was one of the first artists to contribute to the site, her Foxy Brown-inspired painting a favorite in the Boileryard. Her new mural within the “14 Doors” arises from the same era: a Polaroid camera with a technicolor output that spills onto the wall. For her END-to-END creation, she enlisted fellow original Camp North End artist Matt Hooker to assist in rendering the ’70s relic (which is, specifically, a 600 series model that debuted in 1978).

“I’ve always had a thing for vintage technology,” Hill said, as she painted. “I just like the vibe of Polaroid. It was your first taste of instant gratification, when most film took forever to develop. And I’m fascinated by relics, taking you back to a simpler time. And when I was asked to do this, I thought, ‘What have I always wanted to paint?’ This being an event that speaks to not only art, but technology, this camera was perfect.”

Also recently, Hill crafted the massive “Camp North End” marker adorning stacked shipping containers greeting visitors. Even here, her Pop-influenced command of color shines on the backdrop of the logo. The thread that travels all of these murals are those trademark, splattered hues.

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