A Site with Heritage

Home to Charlotte’s largest assemblage of historic buildings, we have carefully crafted our adaptive reuse strategy to preserve the character of these industrial factories and meet the needs of a modern office user.


Discover Camp North End

This 76-acre site speaks to the past and inspires for the future. Take a look at some of the key locations on site.

Boileryard 360 Ford Factory 360 Water Tower 360 The Mount 360

History is in the Making

From Model T assembly lines to U.S. Army missile production, the industry at Camp North End transformed the landscape of Charlotte. Now, we write the next chapter of history as a hub for cutting-edge industries in the 21st century and beyond.

Ford Factory

Architect Albert Kahn designed a state of the art factory and show room to exhibit Henry Ford's new invention: the assembly line.

US Army

The US Army bought the well-located site and its great connections to the railroad and transformed it into a Quartermaster Depot, which provisioned numerous army facilities throughout the southeastern US.


The site was re-branded as the Charlotte Area Munitions Plant, as its role in national defense evolved into major manufacturing projects like the Nike Hercules Missile and six wheel, all-terrain vehicles called Gama Goats during the Cold War.


The Charlotte Area Missile Plant was disbanded by order of the Secretary of Defense in 1965, and the longtime factories became warehouse and storage for Eckerd Pharmacy. Eckerd was purchased by Rite Aid, who used Camp North End as warehouse space until 2016.

Camp North End

Camp North End opened to the public for the first time in a century, ready for the next group of Charlotte visionaries to launch the site into the future.